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Monday, December 21, 2009

Accountability and Consequence

I don't often feature articles without my own two cents of input but this particular story speaks for itself.  This fits right in line with my posts on infidelity over the past few days.

Somali Man Stoned to Death by Militants for Adultery is an article on Huffington Post accompanied by several graphic pics.  This guy cheated and was sentenced to be stoned while villagers were forced to look on.  The "side chic" received 100 lashes, though, nothing more because she was not married at the time.

Check the article out and scroll through the pics.  I copied a few below.  Beware, they're pretty graphic.

Here's some accountability and consequence...


  1. this is too graphic and outta line homes.


  2. it ain't that serious... I thought u said it was a "sure shot of "forgiveness" not a sure shot from a stone at the end.


  3. RI, you know me fairly well and I'm sure you were able to sense the sarcasm and frustration when I insisted forgiveness is a sure shot in the end. The whole post was said with frustration and sarcasm.

    This post here is focusing on accountability and consequence... You're familiar with the cliche, don't do the crime if you can't do the time... or the stone in this case... I hope he prayed for forgiveness in his last minutes...

    Thanks for your comment!!

  4. Working Hard, Living EasyDecember 22, 2009 at 4:32 PM

    If you're looking at this situation from a vantage point other than an ethnographic one, it might be hard to understand and accept the societal norms and standards of punishment in Somalia, without comparing them to our own in the United States.

    But that still makes me think- This man cheated with one woman and was stoned to death while Tiger Woods cheated with 11+ women and lost his endorsements. It's definitely hard not to compare societies...

  5. Your blog is great! Keep it up!!!

  6. That's what I'm talking about! (JK)Sad, but I bet his last thought was "Damn...it wasn't even worth it!", and usually the heart ache and damage caused isn't worth it! Maybe if people faced this type of punishment for infidelity (or just jumping from bed to bed) aids and all these other STD's would not be spreading like wildfire!

    Only in America man! We seem except anything! I say there's a lesson to be learned here...no matter what sydromes you may have or who's side chic you may be, we all have to answer to the man upstairs one day! That's my belief anyway.


  7. no way in the world they could have gotten me in that hole alive. i'd already been dead 'cause they would have had to kill me from the jump. and look at him, just awaiting the humiliating death.