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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Better Way to Start Your Mornings: Listening Pleasure

I have realized that many of you aren't cool enough to have made Z100 (100.3 FM) your radio station of choice while residing here in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, Conn... I think you can stream it online if you live elsewhere).  And I can't say that I blame you since a few months ago, I, too, wasn't cool enough.  But now that I am born again, I have become a believer in the WP's entertainment.  And let me tell you, it is highly entertaining!

So every morning I am graced with the voices of radio personalities Elvis Duran, Froggy, Carolina, ummmm that other girl with the funny laugh, Greg - T and Skeery Jones... and I swear they are the funniest collection of WP to hit FM air waves.  But aside from being funny, they are versatile in their humor.  They tell jokes, poke fun, make snide remarks, talk about the everyday randomness that may otherwise go overlooked... AND they do it all in the Queen's English... in short, good, clean humor minus all the "Yo, Yo" of some of the frequented BP stations. 

Soooo, I have decided to use their material and share it with you all, less fortunate radio listeners who have yet to conform, in an effort to A. blog more... and B. there is no B, I just need to blog more.  Ok wait, B. to show you that the WP's music, humor, and all out randomness might just be what you need to start your mornings Yo, Yo free.

And I think I'll call the series, Z100 This Morning... ok, wow, that was a 1.3 on the Rictor Scale of creativity.  Ummm well gosh, now you got me on the spot.... sooooo I'll hit the lab and do some thinking.  But for now let's call it: Laughs For z100, Alex... get it, like Jeopardy... Alex Trebek.. ya know, the host... sheesh, tough crowd... *bbm embarrassed face*

And without further adieu, ~insert drumroll or something for theatrics~
*Clearing throat* Ummm I'm realizing that typing sounds doesn't execute that well, so I hope you at least did a small drumroll on the keyboard??  In your head at least??  C'mon reader, if you won't be my audio, who will =(

I'm stalling aren't I?  Maybe I'm worried a blogged version of the FUNNY won't translate quite so well.  Then I'll be labeled corny and Z100 will be labeled corny, then they'll lose their ratings, they will all be fired and will have WillEYEListen banned from the Internet!!!!!

OK, OK...

Do you, or anyone you know, flirt to get ahead?  And they weren't just talking about in social settings, they specifically targeted in the work environment.  The guys on the show started talking about how women have been doing it for years and can get away with it while men, in any attempt to bat his eyelashes or to show a little leg will result in a sexual harassment suit and a call from HR (cause showing a little leg must mean that this grown man has on shorts!).  So people starting calling up telling how they have gotten ahead because of flirting.  This one girl called and said she managed to weasel 2 months of extra vacation time from her boss (she failed to mention what her "flirting" consisted of... neither did she mention the knee pads she probably carried to work).  And then this other girl called to tell how her boyfriend lets his gay boss flirt with him (she too left a few details out.. like how her boyfriend probably now wears mascara and high heels).  Then the morning show jokesters start talking about how ugly people must really lose out because there's no way ugly people are able to use this tool to get ahead... I mean really, what ugly people flirt and get away with it.  (SB: I do not approve this message... I think ugly people have equal opportunity at getting ahead by flirting... My name is Just "J" and I approve this message).  Then they had people call in to talk about the office skanks who are obviously using what they got to get what they want.  One girl called in to talk about a girl who wore skin tight skinnies with a shirt that didn't cover her camel toe or her butt crack.  And this guy called in to rat out the girl who today wore a leather mini skirt, a tank top and red pumps!  Unless they worked the Vegas strip, I can imagine this was inappropriate.  It reminded me of this chic at my ex-job (we broke up in June) who religiously wore this stretchy black mini skirt that clung to her every curve with a pair of black pumps.  Mind you, I worked for a financial institution that can be found on Wall Street!  And she was a slim little mamacita so it fit her nicely (pause) but totally inappropriate for work (or should I say totally appropriate to match her knee pads).

Then the whole topic of flirting segued into the thought of how harmless flirting really is as long as all parties involved are aware of the flirting.  All parties being: the flirter, the flirtee and the witnesses of the flirting who are least important but can ruin the rep of the flirter!  Yes I do sound bitter because I have been confused as a flirter (is flirter even a word?).  Ooops, I stopped typing for a sec to actually do some thinking (I normally keep typing and then do the thinking after I've posted... that's how you get raw posts that I pretend are thoughts lol).  Ok realized flirter isn't a word and I should be saying "a flirt"... ok sue me!  I went to school for engineering, not English! =P

But anyway... I realized this post is getting to be epic length... so stop by tomorrow for part duex on my thoughts (or thoughtless ramble) on flirting.  (Learned this trick on Maury to keep people coming back.  "Is Keisha and her boyfriend Raheem gonna stay together now that he knows Baby Sha-Quita isn't his... find out tomorrow on Maury").  EYEListen.

SB: OK I didn't say this would be HA-HA funny.. more like grin funny... or wait, light-hearted humor (for those who didn't even grin... with ya evil self) =)


  1. LMAO!!! I listen to them during my looong hr drive in the morning. They are hilarious and random!!! PS: her name is Danielle :-)

  2. WP vs BP... hilarious!

  3. I know I'm late but Z100 is my ish! Lol. There is nothing more fun or funny than witty WP in the morning! If they don't know then they should definitely ask somebody...or read this blog!

    You are too cool for school girl! lol

  4. Thanks Lily, yeah it is Danielle, but I prefer her to be called girl with the funny laugh cuz she is ALWAYS laughing during the phone taps... its soo funny lol

    Thanks for commenting Nishe and Eb!!