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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today is October 26th... Yup, all day

To heck with a clever or witty title today.... nothing screams the obvious like today's date!

Let me first wish Mahdy a Happy Birthday... (he's my hunny's best friend)

Ok, first order of business is to finish my thoughts on flirting.  Then I will talk about how happy I am and lastly I will finish with a video my hunny did for a song he wrote for his favorite video game.  Oh and then I'll make a comment about Obama.

They say I'm a flirt.  Is it because I wear high heels and mini skirts to the grocery store?  No that would be a skank (I totally don't do this).  Is it because I have long eyelashes that I coat with mascara for longer, fuller lashes like the commercial says and I bat them while talking coyly to the opposite sex?  No that would be a manipulator (Not me again... I do wear mascara though).  Is it because I am friendly and self conscious and always wondering what people think of me so I work extra hard to be the nicest person I can so that they walk away feeling like they had a meaningful experience with someone who genuinely cares... Ding! Ding! Ding!  And 99.9% of the time, I'm accused of being a flirt.  My homegirl told me her hubby doesn't trust her out with me cuz I'm a flirt... cuz I'm way too nice to guys and friendly and I have convos with them and I don't  throw my drink in their face as soon as they say hello.  Mind you, I buy my own drinks, I usually carry the convo with hopes of learning something interesting about the person AND I keep my number and they keep theirs.  So how did I become the bad guy?  Scenario 2, my guy friend invited his boy over to visit me and my homegirl.  His friend was the stranger so I initiated convo, laughed at his semi-funny jokes and engaged everyone else in the conversations.  My homeboy pulled me to the side and said, "Hey, take it easy on the flirting."  I was appalled!  Someone had called the fire department on my fiery personality.  I was sad for the rest of the night because I felt cheated and misunderstood.  I had to step back and ask myself, am I a flirt... I immediately decided NO and wrote those people off!  One fist in the air to all the people out there who have a bubbly personality, killer social skills, and can't muster up a Hello without the next man accusing you of flirting.  I guess it's a thin line between friendly and flirty filled with grey area and misinterpretation.  But if being b*tchy can be glorified as the new Black... well being FLIRTY is the new FRIENDLY.  No harm, no foul!

Now that that's outta the way... why am I so happy?  I'm still poor, jobless, my doobie has fallen flat, I need a fill-in and my cell phone is about to die AGAIN today!  Yet I am still happy... and have been happy for the past 7 months of so... And it's because I still have the luxury of waking up (praises be to my God) and doing exactly what I WANT TO!  I don't rush to the "man's" job, I don't owe anybody anything, I'm not obligated to anyone or to anything without my whole-hearted desire and choice! And boy does it feel good!  I feel like the choices I've made, both good and bad have led me to this point and life and I am enjoying every day of it!  Is everyday a perfect one, nope!  And I don't need it to be.  But since I wake up with this positive energy, positivity fills my whole day.  Things still go wrong as life is full of surprises but it doesn't get me down.  It was raining the other nite, and I rolled my window down to wave goodbye to my friend Ladun, and the sucka didn't roll back up.  I didn't pout, I taped it up for the nite and rode it to the mechanic the next morning.  Went to a movie with my hunny and went back to pick my car up... handed the man almost 200 whole American dollars only to get my car back in the same condition it was before the malfunction.  Such is life...
The underlying message is really to count your blessings, think about that guy who asked for spare change and be happy about whatever situation you're in... because no matter what, it could be worse!  And while your at, do a little flirting just for kicks =)

Check out my hunny's song and video for MVC3
Kyle - lyricist
Ant - production
Will Nix - videography and photography

Youtube it: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 New Characters Revealed and Game Music

When you go to youtube, comment and let him know what you think!

President Obama is but one man carrying the burdens of a decade worth of problems!  His popularity is dropping and the critics are doing what they do best, throwing Obama under the bus smh... Stay tuned in the next couple days as I share some correspondence I received about what our President has done so far, you'll be proud!

SB: Maybe I should have called this post "It doesn't get any more Random than this!" EYEListen.


  1. In 2days wrld u hav 2 b an a**whole inorder 4 ppl 2 believe that you dnt what 2 f ck them. I've been told I was flirt 4 merely having a smile on my face...but that just me always happy and I'm a talker so sue. I love a stimulating convo with some one who doesn't necessarily stimulate me sexually. Ppl r insecure so the hate 2 c u njoying ur time in someone elses presence. Happiness is a choice and u seem 2 have a great attitude about that. This hit home...Great Post!

  2. I've been accused of flirting just for smiling at a guy and trying to have a conversation with the person, just so they didn't feel left out. Whenever I try to be all stuck up & whatnot, I feel bad, thinking I might have hurt the person's feelings. You just can't win either way it seems.:(

  3. Great point Champ!! People ARE insecure, that's why they are worried bout what we're doing. If everyone had the same attitude about life, to just enjoy it, we'd be a world full of "flirts" lol

    Nic, my sentiments exactly! darned if you do, darned if you don't. I too feel bad and avoid hurting ppl's feeling (not all the time, sometimes you gotta do what u gotta do)... but in a situation where someone seems left out, i swoop in to save the day... only to be accused of flirting. ah well, a superhero's job isn't always appreciated lol =)

    Thanks for the comments!