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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy 1yr Anni WillEYEListen!!


One year ago I sat in labor for several hours until a blog was born.  Brings a tear to my EYE to see the growth of my love and the growth of myself as a person.  Life over this past year has been AMAZING and I am so grateful to have WillEYEListen as an outlet.  It has never let me down!

BIG THANKS to all the supporters, commenters, guest bloggers, one time readers, avid readers and all in between!!  I do this selfishly for myself, to let off steam but I'm glad you all took interest in my thoughts and shared some of yours.  I don't write for popularity or hits on my site... this is strictly a journal for a day in the life (or the head) of Just "J"... Im so happy about what I've shared, both very personal and sometimes to get a few laughs.  I have a lot more to share and I hope you all continue on this journey with me... who knows I may be rich and famous one day and you already have a truckload of dirt to leak to the tabloids =)

I'm late for class right now because I wanted to give WillEYEListen a quick facelift... but later today I will do a post to recap all my favorite posts over the last 12 months.  Peek back in tonite...

Thanks again!! (right about now someone is suppose to hand me an award or something considering I just gave the acceptance speech for it lol) EYEListen.


  1. We Love you WillEyeListen!!!! Best Damn Blog PERIOD!!!!!

  2. Congrats girl! I have loved your blog and your willingness to share simple life experiences and humorous insights since I first laid eyes! I will continue to offer support by "tuning in". I pray your next year of life is even more beautiful and interesting than the one before it because I plan to read all that you have to tell along the way. I love the light you offer the world and I think that our hearts and minds are the best things we as humans have to offer the world.

    Now I would say break a leg this year...but you did that last year. (JK girl. lol)Best of luck and many blessings to you in all this upcomming year brings!

    Much love!!!

  3. I've enjoyed the ride n look 4wrd 2 more as I as well have seen ur honest and growth both as a person and blogger. Keep it up :)

  4. Keep it up Jariah! you keep it real but with a twist! Congrats!!!