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Monday, November 1, 2010

WillEYEListen, this is your life!

WillEYEListen, it has been one heck of a year... and this is your life!

Remember when:

November 2009 - A Star is born
Knock it off: Say No to Knock Offs
What is it about the fashion industry that has us so brain washed and desperate? Why do we want to pretend we can afford what is monetarily out of our reach? Cutting to the chase, why the hell do people rock knock offs?? READ MORE

December 2009
No More Pouty Men at the Mall
Asking your boo to accompany you to the mall is like your mom asking you as a child to make your own dentist appointment, pay for the copay, and follow up with all the future visits. Forget about it!! As soon as you saw the postcard with the devilishly smiling toothbrushes, you were ripping up the evidence and flushing it down the toilet. But hopeless boyfriends and husbands of the world aren't lucky enough to get postcard sized reminders of the big day when his woman wants to spend the whole damn day at the mall.  READ MORE

January 2010
I Just Wanna Know, Is She Cute?
What’s the first thing a girl does when:
A) her guy cheats
B) her ex moves on to the next
C) her new guy reveals who his ex is…
...she checks to see if she’s cute or not!! And nothing makes a girl feel more confident, cuter or superior to the rest, than to see that the “other” chic doesn’t measure up to her idea of beauty.  READ MORE

Febuary 2010
Year of the Underdog
So what your team didn’t make it to play in the Super Bowl yesterday =( You’ve got to admit, that was a great game! Great because two awesome quarterbacks (and a sexy Reggie Bush) went head to head, it was a damn good fight to the finish, and most importantly the underdogs prevailed. This is the year of the underdog!! This year all underdogs will be the cause of an upset. Like who, you ask?  READ MORE

March 2010
Minaj - A - Hunh?
Nicki, Nicki, Nicki. To like you or not to like you… that is the question. Ok, let’s cut to the facts.  READ MORE

April 2010
This is when my photography really kicked off.  Shots from my first chance at Street Photography... Shoots From Brooklyn's DUMBO... SEE PICS

May 2010
Do Ugly People Dump?
Whoooooaaaaa, where do I come off even using that word when I was raised by the Stick and Stones Manual!! I could have used unattractive, less beautiful, “nice personality”, but none of them have quite the same emphasis as UGLY. So with hopes of offending no one, I pose my question again, do ugly people dump??  READ MORE

June 2010
Baby Mama's Checklist
Firstly, I would like to point out that I have no kids! And not by accident, I intentionally have NO kids. And after doing a forecast of my near future, I see sunshine, a few clouds and still NO kids. And the sole reason I see NO kids is because I checked that finger in between my middle and my pinky fingers and noticed no bling bling, no sparkle, not even a twinkle. As corny as it may seem to you, I will not have kids until I am married and when you see me on The Tyra Show having triplets at 42, you can say, damn I knew that girl… READ MORE

July 2010 Month of photography
Mark Your Territory
Whether it’s a man protective over an ex-girl, a graffiti artist tagging up a freshly painted wall, a parent’s legacy through child, a dog doing his numbers... Or better yet, a powerful being making an impact.... You gotta Mark Your Territory... To let the world know, I AM HERE.  SEE PICS

August 2010
This post was a recap on my photography during the summer... C'est La Vie... SEE PICS

September 2010
Power of a Label
Right off the top, these quotes popped in my mind. The POWER of a label. Ahhhhhhhh... Ya know, labels define, right? They describe, inform and stamp an impression in your mind of what's to be expected. You can either control your own destiny by determining who you are, hence creating your own label... or you can have your image altered by what you let other people label you.  READ MORE

October 2010
And then everytime my blogging became scarce, I came up with better and better excuses for the bloglessness (yup, just made that word up!)  Something about me being the chosen one…lol... READ More Blogless Excuses

It has been one heck of a journey and a year never to be forgotten.  Can't thank everyone enough for sharing these laughs, tears and random thoughts... but in the humble words of rapper Drake, You can thank ME now =)  EYEListen.

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  1. Well, I can say with vivid memory that I have read all of those blogs as you posted them. I loved many of them! I have to say that my favorite part of your blog was watching the photographer in you being born. It was exciting and fun. You can tell that your work is truly a love art. I pray your wonderful journey continues and that you are kind enough to take us (or at least me!) along for the ride! Lol.
    Be blessed.

    Much love!!!